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Level 2 in 1 Dog Puzzle Feeder

Level 2 in 1 Dog Puzzle Feeder

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Maximize mental enrichment with this Level 2-in-1 puzzle. Keep your dog busy. Guarantee to tire out a high energy dog. Increase calmness.

🧩 1 Toy with Multiple Benefits
This is a puzzle toy that can improve pets intelligence and boost their brain power. It is also a training tool that can tire out your dog quickly, and a slow feeding utensil. It integrates multiple playing ways in 1 toy, suitable for dogs of all sizes.

🐕 Slow Down Feeding
Featuring multiple slots to hold food and treats. The product can also be used as a slow feeder utensil for your dogs, which promotes healthy ingestion by slowing down eating speed by over 10x. Great for large and small dogs.

We Prioritize Safety
The puzzle feeder is made from safe and healthy ABS material without any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, which completely protects the health of dogs. The bottom non-slip pad design will ensure its stability. The product cannot be damaged by chewing or scratching, so it's sturdy and durable. In addition it is easy to clean by hand.

🧠 Mental Stimulation
20 minutes of mental stimulation = 1 hour walk. Interactive treat puzzle game help develop your pup's IQ, work your dog's mind while reducing boredom and destructive behavior like chewing, digging and excessive barking. Your dog will be calm and happy after solving the puzzle.

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